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Food in Jails

Food in Jails​ Working Group

This coalition, led by PG Changemakers and supported by the Food Equity Council, is united by the vision that in County jails, insofar as they exist, the food environment facilitates health and well-being and respects human dignity both inside and beyond the jail walls for all who are impacted from farm to fork. The coalition members share the below values and acknowledgments:

  1. Food is used as a form of control and violence in prisons. 
  2. The food environment in prisons is inextricably connected to the food environment in communities. 
  3. Incarceration is used as a form of racial violence and control and the prison system is a relic of chattel slavery. 
  4. It is a human right to be able to choose food that honors your identity and is healthy, safe, culturally appropriate, and appealing. 
  5. Poverty is a driver of incarceration. Poverty itself is a product of systemic injustices including racist policies such as enslavement, redlining, and tax policy.

Currently, the coalition is working on conducting interviews and focus groups with currently and formerly incarcerated residents to learn from their experiences inside the carceral system and building grassroots power to campaign for policies that advance food justice.